12 April 2016 @ 11:09 pm
I just thought i'd make this post and throw out some ideas about Fimi's relationship w/ her friends?? But I don't think I have a firm enough grasp of their characters to rly post that much about it so feel free to correct me/throw in new ideas etc. :D

A short summary of Fimi Panaeolus' character: a bitchy, hot-tempered, self-entitled prick from a really hippie, loving family in Gridania. She loves to pick on others and antagonize them because she thinks it's funny when people are upset and she revels in rebelling against her parents' "love and peace for everyone" motto. Despite her big stature, she has no talent for anything physical and is only good at casting classes.

FIMI W/ LUCIEN: The two of them grew up in Gridania together, being childhood friends as their families knew each other and got along well. Fimi, on the other hand, mostly just bossed Lucien around and Lucien, with his tolerant personality, simply went along with it to avoid causing trouble for their parents. Despite being polar opposites, Fimi and Lucien have somehow remained friends for many years and still journey together through Eorzea. Fimi takes Lucien for granted a lot and Lucien helps to calm Fimi down a bit when she's being Too Much of A Jerk which happens fairly often... Lucien really should find better friends, tbh. In spite of that, Fimi will follow Lucien wherever he goes and all the time spent with Fimi has made Lucien an extremely patient and kind man. Fimi's parents often contact Lucien to inquire about her well-being and they treat him like their own son as well, which makes him feel a bit more obligated to take care of Fimi. Which also really sucks for him ultimately.

FIMI W/ RELO: Ah yes, your quintessential shitty Tank-Healer pair with a lot of Mutual Hate and Somehow Friendship. Fimi and Lucien meet Relo on their journey and the latter two hit it off really well and eventually get engaged. Fimi's relationship with Relo is often fraught with dumb arguments and tend to result in disastrous dungeon encounters...... Relo is good at taking Fimi down a notch due to her strength and her impermeability to Fimi's Shitty Sarcastic Remarks. When Fimi is being too arrogant about her role as a healer or taking Lucien too much for granted, Relo has no problem letting Fimi take damage instead and would prefer to wipe the entire party just because. Fimi finds that Relo's personality grates on her nerves at first but with the both of their predictable personalities they both end up getting used to each other really quickly and being very comfortable with the way things are (eg. being able to insult each other yet back each other up quickly in battles). They put up with each other a lot for Lucien's sake, but that's mostly on Fimi's end because Relo doesn't really give a shit...

FIMI W/ BAHATI: Fimi meets Baha while the latter was attempting to engage a far too powerful monster at a low level and promptly died. She made sure to kick at the body and laugh at it before casting Raise. Fimi would probably enjoy making fun of Baha for being a dragoon and threaten not to heal Baha a lot. Fimi finds Baha to be an easy target for bullying and loves getting a rise out of her over silly matters. Despite the animosity between them, Fimi does admire Baha's skill as a dragoon and her penchant for classes that require more physical skill. That, however, only makes Fimi want to pick on Baha more since she is envious that she isn't quite as good at those jobs. She gets a little jealous too when Baha decides to try being a white mage and takes to it really well. This forces Fimi to re-evaluate her abilities and also to stop dicking around for once, which is pretty nice for Lucien who had been dying in dungeons a lot due to Fimi and Relo's bickering and Fimi's inability to stay calm and just do her damn job. Fimi comes around to really appreciate what she learns from Baha and they become good friends in spite of all the arguing and yelling.

FIMI W/ CORAL: Fimi probably met Coral while they both were on their route to being summoners??? Fimi and Coral had a SAME HAT!!! moment due to both of them being Tall Roegadyns with Pink Hair and summoner soul stones. They somehow hit it off really well and Coral managed to dodge most of the worst aspects of Fimi's personality just because they both felt like they had a lot in common. Coral is probably the person that Fimi is nicest least mean to out of respect for their similarities to Fimi, which she believes makes them both Ultra Good and Very Superior Indeed. And also Tall. Fimi respects Coral for having what she perceives to be good taste. Fimi and Coral often nerd out about the finer aspects of the summoner job and it's one of the few things Fimi really actually feels positive about. Coral's presence has a calming effect on Fimi due to his gentle and optimistic nature. She looks up to him as a brother of hers.

((and im gonnna stop for now coz my body wants to murder me)
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kiates[personal profile] kiates on April 14th, 2016 06:45 am (UTC)
AAAH...SUMMONER PALS...THIS IS GREAT. not your body murdering you that's awful and I am sending you psychic energy intending to fight against it fighting against you but aaah fimi. friends.

yeah I definitely think fimi and coral would meet on the summoner path. extremely solid basis for meeting and blooming friendship, summoners and pink hair are fucking great and we gotta stick together. coral would love nerding out about summoning so much, especially since this was something they've dreamed about for a while, they've only gotten to be a bigger nerd since realizing it.

they would also definitely love fimi. coral might have a bit of a skewed perspective from not being the target of higher levels of meanness and being regarded as part of the Ultra Good crew (it is Definitely skewed, there is a returned bias) but they're not used to that kind of antagonism up close like that and find it pretty funny even though they don't always know what to do about it or whether to respond seriously or not. but they're good at rolling with the flow even when they don't know what to do about it

they are super flattered by her respect and general presence and respect her back. they've always wanted a sibling and they're so proud to have a sister in fimi. coral would probably find themself getting swept into fimi's rhythm quite a bit even if they make disagreeing or mitigating comments, and would both really appreciate but also kind of envy the extra oomph and strength of character it feels fimi has, even though it is not always used in a necessarily positive way. coral is generally more gentle and optimistic in response.
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royal prince of eggs: glamorous lip ☆ i ♥ you[personal profile] mieke on April 18th, 2016 03:24 pm (UTC)
o mg i dont know why i didnt check dreamwidth for so long im sorry

i agree so much with that it sounds so good........ they'll make such good pals!!!!! i can totally see like coral not really realizing how mean fimi is to other people just because she is nice to coral alone and coral just thinks it's a joke lmaooo but fimi really is actualyl just shitty... we neeed to rp this shiet
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kiates[personal profile] kiates on April 24th, 2016 08:11 pm (UTC)
YES!!! yes definitely, I haven't rped in a Million Years and haven't. written a whole lot of fiction in that time either but, I want to try, sometime
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