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[WIP] 玮景岩  

Wěi Jìngyán is a boisterous, mischievous young Jin Warlock. Due to her young age and upbringing, she tends to be quite immature and childish even in serious matters. She loves to tease her friends and give them dumb nicknames, and she does this often with people in order to impose herself upon their good will. It's her way of attempting to feel close to people. Her speech pattern leans quite blunt and sometimes crude, and it's hard to get her to shut up once she's excited about something.

Jingyan's insensitive and straightforward mannerisms causes her to annoy others and get on their bad side unknowingly. Being fairly naive and sheltered, she doesn't realize the consequences of her actions at times. She gets easily hurt sometimes because of that as well, which can make her quite a difficult person to tolerate especially when she's being stubborn. She doesn't easily accept when she's wrong about things, instead choosing to pout about it until someone finally gets it through her thick skull.

As a result of missing her family, she often behaves overly friendly with others to try and make up for her loneliness. In spite of her bad personality traits, she latches onto people as friends quite quickly and tries her best to show them affection in her own misguided way. Whether or not this works out for her.... Well, it will become part of her character development (:
Jingyan grew up being the youngest child out of four siblings. Being the baby of the family, 'Xiao Yan' has been spoiled by her older brothers' tolerance for her bad behavior. Growing up, they used to tease her a lot dotingly, and she has grown used to teasing as a form of affection. Her parents were often away as part of their jobs as traveling merchants, and her beloved brothers were responsible for taking care of Jingyan and were quite protective of her.

Jingyan's facial scar came about as a result of her running away from home at a very young age after a heated argument with her brothers about their absentee parents. Jingyan had thrown a tantrum about wanting to see her parents who had been away for two years and ran away in a really poor attempt to find them. Having been sheltered her entire life by her brothers, it did not end well as she was attacked by a fiend in the wild. Her brothers who had chased after her had to rescue her, but the incident left her with a physical reminder of her childish idiocy. Following that, Jingyan grew to be more appreciative of her and has been really close to them ever since.

At the age of 17, Jingyan realized she had grown bored of staying home with her brothers all the time. Impulsively, she decided she had to follow in the footsteps of her parents and travel to see the world. Having already grown taller than her brothers and feeling far more confident in herself than she was as a child, Jingyan convinced her brothers to let her leave home. They issued a condition that she had to pick up a fighting class in order to keep herself safe. She chose to walk the path of the Warlock, insisting that her Thrall would keep her company in her journey, much to her brothers' chagrin. "Da-ge, don't you think it looks just like you?" she teased, trying to assure them she would be fine on her own. They relented, despite all their worry and overprotectiveness, because they knew she had to learn to be independent someday. And that marked the beginning of Jingyan's travels.
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A Pillar Of Salt
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I love her I'm really looking forward to the rest to come
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