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royal prince of eggs ([personal profile] mieke) wrote on April 21st, 2016 at 03:31 pm
more salt
{answering the call}
It was mostly excitement that she felt, maybe just speckled with a teeny tiny bit of nervousness about the entire venture. Jingyan had never really gone more than a weekend without the company of her older brothers and she didn't quite know what to expect. There were too many emotions going on for her to really be able to label them all.

She felt like she should be running, to let loose some of the energy and tension that was about to burst out of her already. She really wanted to and she would have, if only her brothers hadn't already advised her not to tire herself out too quickly from being reckless. They had spent far too much time going over the importance of Common Sense, a trait in which they (rightfully) thought that Jingyan sorely lacked. She did start off on her journey determined to try her best at that but it was so goddamn hard ignoring her base instincts to do whatever the hell she wanted to. It was infinitely frustrating and it seemed to only make the route to her destination stretch on far longer than it should be. Would she die of boredom before she got there? It seemed fairly likely to her now, at this point.

Jingyan let out an exasperated sigh, since screaming at the skies was clearly off the table. Common sense really sucks.

............. writing.......... is hard......... goodbye..........
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