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kiates ([personal profile] kiates) wrote on April 14th, 2016 at 06:45 am
AAAH...SUMMONER PALS...THIS IS GREAT. not your body murdering you that's awful and I am sending you psychic energy intending to fight against it fighting against you but aaah fimi. friends.

yeah I definitely think fimi and coral would meet on the summoner path. extremely solid basis for meeting and blooming friendship, summoners and pink hair are fucking great and we gotta stick together. coral would love nerding out about summoning so much, especially since this was something they've dreamed about for a while, they've only gotten to be a bigger nerd since realizing it.

they would also definitely love fimi. coral might have a bit of a skewed perspective from not being the target of higher levels of meanness and being regarded as part of the Ultra Good crew (it is Definitely skewed, there is a returned bias) but they're not used to that kind of antagonism up close like that and find it pretty funny even though they don't always know what to do about it or whether to respond seriously or not. but they're good at rolling with the flow even when they don't know what to do about it

they are super flattered by her respect and general presence and respect her back. they've always wanted a sibling and they're so proud to have a sister in fimi. coral would probably find themself getting swept into fimi's rhythm quite a bit even if they make disagreeing or mitigating comments, and would both really appreciate but also kind of envy the extra oomph and strength of character it feels fimi has, even though it is not always used in a necessarily positive way. coral is generally more gentle and optimistic in response.
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