mieke: (rge ☆ too pretty 4 ur bullshit tbh)
royal prince of eggs ([personal profile] mieke) wrote on April 8th, 2016 at 08:39 pm
new layout!!
i stole it from my old livejournal and spent far too long tweaking it and making a new header. U: but i think i like how it looks right now?? :D it was fun working on it because it's really been a long while since i've done anything of the sort. and i love making things pretty!

i have oc tunnel vision i caN ONLY FOCUS ON ONE OC AT A TIME because im a fuckin idiot. and i've been constantly obsessing over jingyan's character and backstory. earlier today i was convinced i'd created a god-awful mary sue character so i did the mary sue litmus test....... she's... my baby's safe its a-ok :') the more i think about it the more i worry a bit that her character is a bit too obnoxious but fimi's a lot worse and people don't seem to mind her so... i guess we're o k

i'd like to write a post about fimi and a buncha other charas i have too since i've been working on them for fairly long....... it'll be especially fun to write about fimi's history with lucien and relo, since we all worked really hard on that. maybe i can convinced my friends to get on dw to shitpost too!! i really wanna get back into RP, i'm defs gonna trawl dreamwidth for a panfandom game that seems casual enough for my inability to commit to things!! :C

my throat's been oddly itchy all day today, i hope im not getting sick again because i will shit a brick and smash my own head to bits with it
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